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Coronavirus in Scotland: Key figures and trends

How many deaths have there been?

The figures show that 1,973 patients in Scotland have died after a positive test for Covid-19, although the actual number of deaths is known to be far higher.

Weekly data published by the National Records of Scotland (NRS) shows that up until 10 May there were 3,213 deaths registered in Scotland.

The NRS figures are higher because they include all cases where Covid-19 is mentioned on a death certificate, even if the patient had not been tested. The PHS figures are based on the deaths of those who had tested positive for the virus.

The first coronavirus death in Scotland was reported by NHS Lothian on 13 March.

The way PHS collects figures on coronavirus deaths means there appear to be big drops in the number of deaths over the weekend and on a Monday. However, this reflects a delay in the recording of the data rather than an actual drop in deaths.

To make the data easier to interpret, this chart also shows a rolling average of the previous seven days of new deaths.

Scotland’s coronavirus deaths

How many cases are there in my area?

The Scottish government gives a breakdown of confirmed cases of Covid-19 by health board.

The highest number of cases is in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, reflecting the fact it is the most populous part of Scotland.

Cases by health board

Health boardConfirmed casesIncrease on previous day
Ayrshire and Arran94621
Dumfries and Galloway254-1
Forth Valley8593
Greater Glasgow and Clyde3,57969
Western Isles60

Source: Scottish government

This graph shows how cases have been growing across the country. It illustrates the percentage rise in cases for each health board for the last seven days.

Where is the virus spreading fastest?

How many cases are in care homes?

The over-75s are particularly vulnerable to Covid-19 and almost 60% of all deaths from the virus in Scotland are now in care homes.

This chart shows how many new coronavirus cases have been reported each day in Scottish care homes since 11 April.

A rolling average of the previous seven days is also displayed to make the data easier to interpret.

Covid-19 in care homes

How many people are in intensive care?

The coronavirus outbreak is creating a huge load on Scotland’s hospitals and its intensive care unit capacity.

This graph shows the total number of Covid-19 patients in hospitals across Scotland, with those in intensive care marked in red.

Covid-19 patients in hospital

This second chart illustrates how the number of patients in intensive care appears to have peaked on 12 April and has been mainly declining since then.

Covid-19 patients in intensive care

What’s the total number of confirmed cases?

The first coronavirus case in Scotland was detected on 1 March by NHS Tayside and there are now 13,929 confirmed cases.

The actual number of cases will be far higher, as most people who are infected with the virus are not tested.

This chart shows how many people are being tested each day by NHS Scotland, divided into positive and negative results.

It is important to note that the number of people tested will generally be less than the total number of tests on any day, as some patients are tested more than once.

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